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The Minnesota Tourism Growth Coalition (MTGC) is an industry-led organization established in 2013 for the purpose of expanding tourism and securing tourism promotion funding at our State Capitol. The work of the MTGC was critical in securing a 66% increase in the Explore Minnesota Tourism (EMT) marketing and promotion budget in 2013; and, maintaining that budget in 2015.

The MTGC led the effort to secure state funding for the creation of a pilot grant program to support major tourism events across the state of Minnesota, in any size community. In 2016, $663,000 was approved for the first major events funding grant program. Major events across the state shine a spotlight on Minnesota and attract first-time visitors who can return for both tourism and business purposes.

In 2017, the MTGC took our message to the Minnesota Capitol telling state elected officials that “Tourism is the Front Door to Economic Development.” During the legislative session, MTGC members and lobbyist testified at multiple committee hearings in the House and Senate advocating for tourism funding. They met individually with members of the Legislature and recognized tourism supporters at the EMT Annual Conference.

These efforts led to the Legislature and Governor approving $900,000 to continue the major events funding grant program with funding available until 2019; plus a small increase in EMT operating funds and a one-time appropriation of $500,000 for updating the EMT website, developing digital content and making system upgrades.

2018 Objectives

  • Work with Legislators to increase visibility of the tourism and hospitality sector at the Capitol
  • Continue educating elected officials about the economic benefits from tourism investment
  • Establish tourism-focused caucus groups and promote success from the major events funding program
  • Begin laying the foundation for 2019 state budget cycle – Minnesota continues to fall behind the travel office budgets of our competitors.

The MTGC can only succeed with tourism and hospitality industry support. As partners, we all benefit when tourism is valued at the Minnesota Capitol! Thank you to all of the current and past MTGC members! We ask that you consider a financial commitment supporting the future work of the MTGC.

If you have any questions on how to join our effort please contact any of these local MTGC members or contact us:

MTGC President – Anna Tanski, Visit Duluth, (218) 625-8103 or
MTGC Vice President – Terry Mattson: Visit SaintPaul, 651-265-4902 or
MTGC Treasurer – Doug Killian: Mall of America, 952-883-8812 or
MTGC Secretary – Megan Christensen, Visit Grand Rapids, (218) 326-9607 or
Or, contact Sarah Psick, MTGC Legislative Representative