Resolution of Support

Resolution: In Support of Explore MN Tourism Funding

WHEREAS, investing in tourism promotion is critical to Minnesota’s economic health and well-being across the state, and positively impacts virtually every county in Minnesota.  Tourism is the “front door” to the state’s economic growth.

WHEREAS, the face of tourism is diverse, from small family businesses to major Minnesota corporations.  Minnesota’s leisure and hospitality sector generates $969 million in state sales tax each year – approximately 18% of all state sales tax revenue.

WHEREAS, tourism in Minnesota generates jobs.  The tourism industry employs over 265,000 Minnesotans in full- and part-time leisure and hospitality jobs in communities across the state paying $5.4 billion in wages.  Tourism jobs represent 11% of all private sector employment in Minnesota.

WHEREAS, investing in Minnesota tourism provides n a significant return.  Every $1 invested in state tourism advertising generates an estimated $92 in traveler spending and an estimated $9 in state and local taxes.

WHEREAS, Minnesota continues to be substantially outspent by our competitors in the effort to draw visitors and their dollars to other states.  Minnesota’s tourism budget ranks 22nd nationwide – well below our competitors.  By losing market share and drawing a smaller part of the pool of travelers, Minnesota limits the opportunity to grow revenue and jobs that tourism generates.

WHEREAS, funding promotion and major event support in Minnesota generates a positive economic impact.  Major events across the state shine a spotlight on Minnesota and attract first-time visitors who return for both leisure and business.

Now therefore, the organization listed below resolves to support the Minnesota Tourism Growth Coalition in its legislative request for increased Explore Minnesota Tourism funding.  This request will increase national awareness of unique Minnesota travel destination opportunities; increase support of local community marketing efforts; expand global marketing efforts; and continue to leverage the positive statewide impact of major events.

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