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Tourism is the “Front Door” to Economic Growth

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Investing in Minnesota Tourism is Smart

  • Tourism is a $15.3 billion Minnesota industry annually – that’s almost $42 million per day!
  • Tourism generates jobs. The tourism industry employs over 270,000 Minnesotans in full and part-time leisure and hospitality jobs in communities across the state, paying $5.8 billion in wages. Tourism jobs represent 11% of all private sector employment in Minnesota.
  • Tourism positively impacts every county in Minnesota.

Tourism Growth is Fueled by Promotion Funding

  • Minnesota continues to be substantially outspent by our competitors in the effort to draw visitors and their dollars to other states. Minnesota’s tourism budget ranks 22nd nationwide – well below our key competitors.
  • Funding promotion and major event support in Minnesota generates a positive economic impact. Major events across the state shine a spotlight on Minnesota and attract first-time visitors who can return for both tourism and business purposes.
  • Losing market share and drawing a smaller share of the traveling public limits the opportunity to grow revenue and jobs that Minnesota tourism generates.

Tourism Investment = Positive Returns

  • Investing in Minnesota tourism provides a significant return. Every $1 invested in state tourism advertising generates an estimated $9 in state and local taxes and $92 in traveler spending.
  • The face of tourism is diverse, from small family owned businesses to major Minnesota corporations. Minnesota’s leisure and hospitality sector generates $996 million in state and local sales tax each year – approximately 18% of all state sales tax revenue!
  • Tourism and related traveler spending supports a wide variety of Main Street businesses and indirectly supports jobs in many other industries as well. Tourism events support enhances community engagement and infrastructure – assets enjoyed by both residents and visitors.

Tourism Growth Opportunities

  • Increased tourism funding will provide:
    • Increased national awareness of unique Minnesota travel destination opportunities;
    • Increased support of local community marketing efforts;
    • Expanded global marketing efforts;
    • Continued leverage of the positive statewide impact of events.

Source: Explore Minnesota Tourism

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